Funds urgently needed to complete the site work and development of Meetze Station Equestrian Park.  Please consider making a donation  (likely tax deductible) or volunteering for our ongoing fundraising events


With our options of places to ride dwindling due to Covid 9, we are able to give you another option and are pleased to announce the opening of the new Meetze Station parking lot and arena to RideFauquier members seven days a week beginning on Wednesday, May 6. We hope you enjoy the lovely parking lot and arena that has been so long in coming. 


Please review the UPDATED Code of Conduct &  sign the new Waiver prior to riding.

  • You must have a 2020 RideFauquier trail pass and parking permit to use the trails or arena.

  • Riding helmets are required any time you are on a horse. 

  • Keep the gate to the parking closed & locked - members with Parking Passes will be sent the code. 

  • Keep the arena gate closed. Comply with the posted rules of the ring.

  • All manure and hay must be picked up from the parking lot and hauled out along with any trash.

  • Do not bring or meet anyone to ride that is not a member or does not have a trail pass and parking permit. This is a requirement of our Memorandum of Understanding with the County.

  • Sign in on the rider log at the kiosk. Keeping track of how much use the arena and trails are getting as well as volunteer hours will help us when applying for grants and other considerations.

  • Stay on the gravel and stone dust areas until you get to the trails. Absolutely, stay off the seeded areas around the parking lot and arena. It is vitally important that we establish a good grass cover to stop erosion and meet the county and state storm water management regulations.

  • Report any damage or repairs needed to the Facilities Manager, Karen Corl.

Due to the current pandemic situation, there will be some temporary restrictions until further notice. Please keep at least a 6 foot distance from others. Ride in groups of no more than 4. No more than 10 people in the parking lot or arena at the same time. We expect you to adhere to these restrictions or we will have to close the trails and arena, and the offenders risk having their memberships revoked.

Please be considerate and do not ride the trails or arena when wet.

There are no restroom facilities at the parking and no water.  However, we will be contributing to the cost of the Ed Farm’s portable toilet so you may use that toilet.


Those of you who have your 2020 parking passes will be emailed the combination for the lock on the gate to the parking lot. Do not give this combination out to anyone. We will do our best to schedule orientation rides for those who have not done one and will give you the combination along with your parking pass and trail tag at the orientation. If you are interested in only using the arena and will not ride on trails, please contact Facility Manager Karen Corl 540-222-1906.

ALL riders must have a 2020 Trail Tag and Parking Pass per our agreement with Fauquier County.

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